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The 50 founding member Advisory Council, under the leadership of founding President Dr. Ashraf Abbasi, established PCC-USA as a premier business organization in Houston, Texas, on August 14, 1997 to coincide with the Golden jubilee of Pakistan Independence Day.

Since that eventful beginning more than a decade ago, the PCC-USA has attain the status of a premier business organization both in USA and in Pakistan. PCC-USA’s primary objective is; to build a strong bridge of friendship, mutual respect, and economic benefits between the two countries. And now with the additional affiliates in New York, California, Dallas already in place and several more in planning stages, the PCC-USA is truly a national organization. We invite all members of business communities across USA to come join various chapters and strengthen the Trade ties between USA and Pakistan for the betterment of both countries.


Goals of the Chamber are two fold; to help promote and strengthen good relations between our adopted homeland of USA and country of our origin, Pakistan, through Trade and Commerce; and to help Pakistani-American business community within USA to fully benefit and enjoy the freedom and opportunities offered by this great country. To achieve these goals, PCC-USA undertakes following activities:

  • Organizing Trade Shows and Expos of Pakistani goods and services in major cities of USA and promotes exhibition of American goods and services in major cities of Pakistan.
  • Works closely with governmental agencies such as Embassies, Consulate Offices, Commercial Attaches and private sector entities such as various chambers of commerce within the two countries in order to facilitate, improve, and enhance bilateral trade.
  • To inform, educate and train Pakistani American business community, through regularly held seminars and workshops covering a wide range of business related issues and subjects.
  • Active liaison is maintained with local and federal authorities and political leaderships so as to better serve the interests of business community.
  • Providing of arbitration, mediation and reconciliation services for resolution of disputes within the business community or between importers & exporters or other entities.


The affairs of the Chamber and affiliate organizations are administered by an Executive Board of Directors. The EBD consists of elected Officers of PCC-USA as well as the Chairpersons of the standing committees. PCC-USA elections are held annually. The Advisory Council consisting of the 50 founding members and the Council of Past Presidents helps the EBD in advisory capacities and thus provide a systematic way for new members and leadership to draw upon the experience and wisdom of previous leaders.

Some Selected Activity Highlights and Achievements:

  • Twelve years of representing the business interests of Pakistan in Government Organizations, Trade bodies and Private sector.
  • Establishment of affiliation with US Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations.
  • Affiliation with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) through signing of an MOU during TDAP delegations recent visit to Houston. The working group mandated in the MOU will prepare and execute Annual Development plans to enhance bilateral Trade between USA and Pakistan.
  • PCC-USA has MOU in place with Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Sialkot Chamber, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Haripur Chamber of Commerce and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce.
  • Pakistan Gem & Jewelry Development Company (PGJDC) is organizing the first ever Pakistan Gems & Jewelry EXPO in Houston, Texas.
  • PCC-USA is in the process of organizing a Trade Delegation to visit Pakistan to explore joint ventures in the field of Energy, Telecommunication and Retail. Plans also call for additional such plans for official delegates from New York, California & Dallas.
  • PCC-USA works closely with the offices of Pakistan Consulate Generals and its Commercial Attachés to form a public/private sector partnership.
  • The Spokesman, official PCC-USA publication, has been successfully published since its launching in 2001. It highlights year round activities of the chamber.
  • In 2007, PCC-USA coordinated a visit of TDAP, PSEB & KCCI trade delegations to USA.
  • Chapters were formally inaugurated in San Diego and New York in 2008.
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